How I can help

Intuitive Card Reading

Gain a different insight and understanding of current situations. Helping you move forward with more clarity.
The cards are used to connect your mind, body and soul. I will use a number of tarot and oracle card deck to get the best insight for your current situation. Each reading is personalised and focused on what needs to be brought to your awareness.
Gain more perspective on family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more. Unlock your potential and get in tune with your intuition to see where your path can take you.

Paint Colors

Remedial Art Session 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, because sometimes, words don’t come easily. It is in those times art can be just the expression you are looking for. Art is as individual as we are. Every piece expressing a part of its creator. Through art we can reflect and gain perspective which in turn will allow more clarity on the issue at hand. Together we will work though creative tasks to sharpen your self-awareness as well as improve behaviours moving forward.

Crystal Healing

Set your intentions and boost your vibration with the help of my little friends.
We all have an energy that surrounds us. It’s what helps us make our first impressions. What makes people look when you walk into a room. The feeling you get when someone is behind you. It is ideal to have our energy balanced and flowing freely. Sometimes we can experience blocks of energy. Have you ever had a day where your vibe was just off??? Not on your game? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? These are examples of being unbalanced.
Crystals are used for their therapeutic vibrations on an energetic level to help enhance and influence the flow of energy. We will work together to personalise your session with the correct crystals and bolstering them with positive intentions for your unique needs. This will leave you feeling relaxed empowered, focused and grounded.

Image by Masaaki Komori


Hypnosis is a tool that can assist in bringing your state of mind to a more positive, controlled and powerful place.
Hypnotherapy works by assisting you to gain control over your unwanted behaviour. Problems such as uncontrollable emotions, recurring habits or unbalanced lifestyle choices can be eliminated using techniques that are unique to hypnotherapy. By using hypnosis you can begin to let go of your unwanted behaviours, and focus on what you truly desire.
In order to help you achieve your goal I Structure each session to your individual needs. This will allow you to develop a positive outlook and create a vibrant future path that is right for you.


Energy healing. Clear blockages and allow your energy to flow more freely.
I am a reiki level 2 practitioner and love incorporating reiki healing into my sessions. With reiki I can help energy flow more freely through our connection assisting you in healing any areas that may need some extra TLC.

Reiki Treatment
Sunrise on Nature


Discover the root cause of what is blocking you and eliminate the limiting beliefs. This allows for growth in a positive direction.
Nero Linguistic Programming is a process to help open the communication highway between you conscious and unconscious minds. Once the two start to connect and share information more freely you will begin to see how much control you have in your everyday reality.
For deeper traumas a practise knows as Time Line Therapy works on a deeper level allowing you to release unwanted anger, guilt, sadness, embracement and phobias, freeing you from limitation that no longer serve you.

Tea Leaf Reading

Come have a cup of tea and a chat 😊 Simple as that.
When you are finished your delightful brew, we will gaze inside your cup to see any messages left behind for you.


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It’s time to put you first.
Group classes and individual session can be booked 4 weeks in advance. Workshops and Retreats coming soon.
Get centred, get grounded and get busy living your best life. It all starts with YOU.