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Hi I'm Aashly

Holistic Healer

I have a unique blend of modalities which range from Intuitive Card Readings and Art Therapy, to, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Hypnosis. I am trained in NLP including Time Line Therapy, and also perform Energetic Space Clearing of houses, offices and other spaces. And, the list is always growing. I believe we should all strive to learn, teach and experience something new every day. I set my intention to helping humans navigate their way to making a deeper connection with themselves. Looking within for empowerment.

Being able to use a combination of modalities I can create each session to be as individual as you are. This also means you will get a new experience every time you see me. I aim to make each session a nice blend of productive, empowering and healing. Helping you understand and move past any obstacles you are currently facing. My sessions are designed to show a meaningful perspective on past events, provide some understanding of current situations and guide you towards potential possibilities for your future. Leaving you feeling calm, mindful and empowered. With a little guidance, and a lot of self-love, anything is possible.

I believe that we all have the potential to be truly excellent. And with the right guidance we can all unlock our true potential. It’s time to put you first. Turn your dreams into goals and take action to make them happen. Get centred, get grounded and get busy living your best life. It all starts with YOU.